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Please help us keep in touch

In the years since the 2005 Grand Reunion, our e-mail list has gotten out of date.  We need to confirm current e-mail addresses for the alumni listed below.  Please send updates to Dana Sawyer.  If you aren't on our list but would like to be, please send Dana your name.  Thanks to those who have already responded!

Adair, Nancy
Bachrach, John
Cave, Giorgio
Cunningham, William S.
Doyle, Adreanne
Estabrook, Carol-Lee
Feiss, Caroline
Fiedler, Derek
Fiore, Nina
Fogelgren, David
Forlines, Kip
French, Mary Sutton
Frett, Jeannette
Frosh, Robin
Gerber, Bob
Henderson, Winnie
Holton, Roman
Johnson, Christopher
Lewis, Shannon
Lincoln, S. D.
Little-Washington, Jan
Martin, Frieda
Mfadden-Olds, Debra Webb
Murphree, Tom
Norris, Linda
Pagnotta, Brent
Raveson, Richard
Sigafoos, Robert
Simon, Holly
Simpson, Kimberly J.
Smith, Bradley
Snyder, Katharine
Trumbull, Rebecca
Vance, Robert
Wadsworth, Kathryn
Winter, Alex Bill
Last updated October 30, 2008