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In the News

David Fogelgren and Ganni Tirana have scanned some newspaper clippings about Hawthorne from the 1960s which are not (as far as we know) readily available elsewhere.  We are making them available for the purposes described in the Fair Use Notice below.

2/18/62 headline
Washington Post
, February 18, 1962, page F1, "Hawthorne's Next Experiment: New Term Calls for a New School", contributed by David Fogelgren, first page, second page.  Contains some interesting quotes from Eleanor Orr about the school's origins and educational philosophy.

students in front of 1221
Washington Star
, January 12, 1962 , page B7, photo of 1221 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. with O'Donnell Lee, Andrea Kunen, and Doris Sommer, contributed by Ganni Tirana.  This photograph originally appeared immediately to the right of the "School of the Week" article below.

School of the Week
Washington Star
, January 12, 1962, page B7, "School of the Week: Hawthorne".  This article was written by Ganni Tirana, who also contributed it to this site.  The photo of 1221 (above) originally appeared immediately to the right of this article.

If you have articles you would like to contribute to this page, please submit 1200 dot per inch scans if possible; that will help us process the scans for best viewing over the web.  Scans or questions can be sent to our contact e-mail address.

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