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2003 New England Reunion of
The Hawthorne School

Mystic Seaport, August 23-24, 2003


The gathering was held at Mystic Seaport, and attended by Dave and Wendy Levenson, Joe Mayer, David and Debbie Chodoff, Richard Gardner, Sandy and Eleanor Orr, Doug Orr, Giorgio Cave, Dana Sawyer and his daughter Mary, David Taylor and his daughter Katie, and David Pariser.  We spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening introducing ourselves and talking about our experiences since Hawthorne.  On Sunday, Debbie Chodoff and David Taylor discussed their work as artists, and David Pariser spoke about his life since Hawthorne. 

Most of us weren't able to spend much time weren't able to spend much time viewing the exhibits at Mystic Seaport, but it would be worth another trip to do that.

We never did get to the discussion topics submitted by Giorgio Cave. However, whether or not you attended the reunion, you may submit written comments on the discussion topics by e-mail or by using the comment form.

Eleanor suggests that it may be helpful to think about the Hawthorne experience at a less abstract level: what things do you remember, such as people, places, events, assignments, or exams, which are strongly associated with the Hawthorne experience for you?  Please use the same e-mail address or the comment form to tell us about these memories.

More notes about the gathering will be added in the coming weeks.


We have a lot more photographs of the gathering and hope to post more of them soon, but here are a few to start with (click for larger images).

Sandy Orr, August 23, 2003
Eleanor Orr, August 23, 2003

Saturday dinner
Katie and David T.
Saturday dinner (do)
(cw from lower left) Giorgio, Sandy, Eleanor, Joe, Katie, David T., David C., Debbie, Dana, Richard, Wendy, David L.
Katie and David T. (dwl)

Eleanor and Joe
David T. describing his work
Eleanor and Joe
David T. discussing his paintings
(cw from lower left) Eleanor, Sandy, Richard, Doug (back row), David T, David C, Debbie, Giorgio

Sandy, Debbie, and Wendy
David L. and Eleanor
Sandy, Debbie, and Wendy
Discussing Debbie's handmade books and art exhibits
David L. and Eleanor
Discussing the history of the Internet

Photo credits: (dwl) Dave Levenson, (do) Doug Orr, others by Dana Sawyer.

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