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October 14, 2008

Dearest Friends, Alumni, and "Extended Hawthorne and Cibola Family,"
Dad wants you all to know that he is receiving your emails and reading 
them as he can. As you can imagine, some are emotional and often
difficult for him to read, but nevertheless they clearly mean a lot to
him and are welcomed if not encouraged. He is just learning how to use
his new webmail, so it may be a while before he responds to everyone.
In the meantime, we have printed most of them so he can read them in a
comfortable chair while sipping bourbon.
Remember that Dad is "old school" traditional and is much more of a 
"snail mail and phone kinda guy." He still exchanges good old fashioned
letters with his college classmates and cousins. He's never really been
into emailing, but we are encouraging him to do more of it.
Regarding Mom's memorial service, out of a desire to give people who 
live far away plenty of time to make plans, the memorial service will
be in DC, hopefully in the Sumner School building, and it will probably
be either the weekend of November 8-9 or 15-16. The moment Dad secures
the location and sets the date, we will spread the word.
There are only about 300 email addresses in The Hawthorne School 
database, so everything each of you can do to help ensure that everyone
knows and gets in touch would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you so much for all the love you have shown our parents over the 
years. You are truly part of our family. We think it's safe to say that
Dad holds every one of you near and dear to his heart, and of course
that Mom did as well.

All our love,

The Orr children

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