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Photographs from 501 I Street, S.W.

Peter Banner has scanned some pictures he took during his Hawthorne days between 1968 and 1971, which can be viewed in an online album and a new second album.  Click on any of the small versions to see a larger one.  See also Peter's pictures from the 1969 yearbook.

Phil Legg remembers that Warren and Eberhardt, the custodians pictured in the first album, "also cooked a great homestyle lunch for the teachers every day."

If you are able to identify any of the anonymous people or events in the photographs, please send an e-mail to the address below mentioning the title of the photograph and the information; we will update the captions accordingly.  Any other photographs or reminiscences from the 501 I Street era would also be welcome.

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Thanks to Randy Hart, Maury Ringel, Betsy Seidman, Rebecca Trumbell, and Phil Legg for identifications so far.

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