1969 rescans


David Taylor2


Gregory Merrick on ladder. Lena: "Would you teach my sons art on Thursdays?"

Elenore and teacher

Jerome Bell3

Michael Korns

P Parks

UNKN Teacher1

Spanish teacher, Rosa Carbo

UNKN student1

Fran Barringer

UNKN student2

teacher Johnny Barton(twin Tommy was also teacher)

UNKN student3

UNKN student4

Gregor Hornyak?

UNKN student5

Cheryl Craft?

UNKN student6

Jennifer Woods

UNKN student7

may be Steve Hoyt?

UNKN student8

UNKN student9

Steve Klein?

UNKN student10

Tacie Dejanikus

UNKN student16

Ellen Ratliffe

UNKN student17

UNKN student18

UNKN student20

Chris Johnson

UNKN student22

UNKN student23

Rusty Thorpe (Warren Greene Thorpe) (died July 2, 1975)

UNKN student24

Vivian Brenner

UNKN teacher

Rosa Carbo, taught Spanish

Wendy W

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